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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What's all the hype ?

Like millions of others , I too am very excited about going to see New Moon this Friday ! It is by far my favorite book of the Twilight series . The reason that it is ... I can relate to it . I too felt as Bella at the age of 18 . I had an Edward too and he went away . Reading about the pain Bella feels made me cry so hard because I too had been there . And just as Bella had a Jacob , so did I . However , they both disappeared from my life for sometime . It took me years to move on with my life ( I loved them both too and they still hold a very special place in my heart ) but I did it ! I became strong and finally found another wonderful man and married him :) I am Thankful the other too have came back in touch with me and I am thankful for their friendahip . They helped me grow and I know if I every need anything ... they will be there .
New moon is a great story about love , losing it , becoming strong and finding it again . It is a wonderful love story . So , look past the werewolves and vampires and give it chance . It just might help you overcome the pain of a lost love ( that love could be a friend , a family member or the love of your life ). Go see it and take a box of Kleenex .


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