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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What's all the hype ?

Like millions of others , I too am very excited about going to see New Moon this Friday ! It is by far my favorite book of the Twilight series . The reason that it is ... I can relate to it . I too felt as Bella at the age of 18 . I had an Edward too and he went away . Reading about the pain Bella feels made me cry so hard because I too had been there . And just as Bella had a Jacob , so did I . However , they both disappeared from my life for sometime . It took me years to move on with my life ( I loved them both too and they still hold a very special place in my heart ) but I did it ! I became strong and finally found another wonderful man and married him :) I am Thankful the other too have came back in touch with me and I am thankful for their friendahip . They helped me grow and I know if I every need anything ... they will be there .
New moon is a great story about love , losing it , becoming strong and finding it again . It is a wonderful love story . So , look past the werewolves and vampires and give it chance . It just might help you overcome the pain of a lost love ( that love could be a friend , a family member or the love of your life ). Go see it and take a box of Kleenex .

Friday, September 18, 2009

Copy Cat

I have to confess that this year , I too have become addicted to the Twilight series . New Moon has been my favorite one thus far . I can not wait for the movie ! I love both Jacob and Edward ( I guess I am like Bella LOL )
However , I am a bit disappointed . You see , one of my friends pointed out to me another series , that is too similar to the Twilight series . I have been borrowing her books called the Night World series by L. J. Smith . Now mind you , these books came out in the late '90s . It sure looks like Stephanie Meyer took some of the settings , same name of characters and even some of the same plots from these books . These too are good books . I still love the Twilight series but am very sad that they are not looking too original anymore . Read the Night World books and see what you think .

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ideas for Halloween

I love Fall ! Everything about it makes me happy . All the colors , the smells, the crispy cool air , children laughing as they play in the leaves and Halloween . Most would look at me funny for the last . I know most think that it a bad holiday and evil but to me it holds some very fond childhood memories . It was a time for family fun when I was growing up ... nothing evil . I have been continuing that on with my kids . We go to the Pumpkin Patch , pick out our pumpkins and cut them from the ground and take them home . Plan for cut little costumes at least 2 months before . And buy lots of candy ! Halloween is a big thing in here in Morenci . It is still old fashion fun . It reminds me of the old TV shows of kids trick or treating .

Today I was looking at a new cooking magazine I get every month and come across some very cute recipes for Halloween . To find them you can go to www.kraftfood.com and type in Halloween in the search box . Very fun stuff ! Try them out this year and let me know how they turn out .

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Goodbye Summer

Another summer has come and gone . Hard to beleive ! It has been a summer full of surprises ! I went to Texas for my Papa's 90 Birthday party in May and then off to see an old friend in Oklahoma City .Came home to deal with a huge battle of depression . Over coming that now .
In June , Rob went to Florida to be with his Dad for recovery from surgery . Glad all went well .The boys and I stayed here because flight tickets for 4 was way too much !
July we all ( Mom included ) went to Colorado to bury Dad's ashes . It was great to see my Aunt and Uncle , just wish it had been for diffrent reasons . Pagosa has changed ALOT !
The first part of Aug . Lucas begaan school . Hard to beleive that one too ! He loves it and is doing well . The Dr put him on a new med and his ADHD is under control .
This is a sum of the summer in a nutshell . I am ready for the Fall and hope and pray it will be better then the summer of 2009 has been .

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Road trip

On May 14th me , mom and the boys took off on a road trip to TX and OK. It was along two days drive to Paris , TX but the boys did great !
We went for my Papa's 90th Birthday . It was more a family reunion . I was happy to show Lucas that he does have cousins . And happy to see cousins I had not seen in a while .
One of my Mom's friends from Farmington came down for the party . It was great to see her too . We decided to go up to Oklahoma City with her after the party . We had a blast ! She lives on 10 acres in the country . Wow ... talk about relaxing ! The boys went fishing and played with the dogs and goats .I loved going out and watching Eagles fly over every morning . I could really get used to life there !
Rob did not get to go with us because of his job . With the big lay offs that took place , they are VERY short handed so no vacation time right now . We sure missed him ! we had a great time but sure is good to be back home with Rob !

Thursday, May 07, 2009

For you Carleen

My cousin Carleen reminded me of a song I loved as a child . I drove her crazy with it when she came for a visit . I found it on youtube , so here it is :) Love ya cuz !

Happy Mother's day

I am sure you have seen this but I love it . " What Mom would say "
Happy Mother's day :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Where Is All That Going ?????

I think Jeremy is fixing to go into a BIG growing time . Today he ate 2 eggs for breakfast and still wanted more ! I asked him what he wanted , of coarse M&Ms . We agreed on a scoop of sugar free ice cream . That still wasn't enough ! He wanted a sugar free fudge cycle . Then he wanted a bowel of Cheerios . I finally made him a trail mix with mixed nuts , Cheerios and M&Ms . ( It is really good ) . Now he is down for a long nap . I just dread seeing it all again later in his diaper . EWWWW !LOL
I am sure he is going to be a big Football player someday ;)